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Yom Rivii, 4 Kislev 5775

Welcome to Temple Emanu-El!

The mission of this Reform Jewish Congregation is to provide services, education, and foster the essential moral and ethical principles of Judaism.

This Congregation is committed to establishing and maintaining a synagogue and religious school dedicated to mainstream Reform principles, and for these purposes to do all things which may be necessary and proper.

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Celebrate The Rabbi

SAVE THE DATES!!!!: The weekend of June 26-27-28, 2015 will be a weekend of final celebratory events of Rabbi Rosenberg's Retirement.

For more information on events throughout the year click here!

Rabbi Rosenberg respects all people and one feels welcomed and included in the Temple Emanu-El Family, regardless of his/her social/financial status.  This is an admirable quality that most of us aspire to.

Ellen Gottfried











The first time we met Rabbi Rosenberg my husband commented that this was someone who should be a rabbi.  He is kind and patient.  When I took his Introduction to Jewish Literacy class, he was the perfect teacher (very patient; G-d knows I'm not the brightest bulb in the box).  Because of him I stayed and learned a lot!  Thank you Rabbi.  We will miss you at Temple Emanu-El!

Norma Hollandersky










In 1989 I decided to relearn Hebrew to follow along in the siddur.  I signed up for Rabbi Rosenberg's class, and was fortunate to have him as my tutor.  I had learned Ashkenazi Hebrew and the Rabbi was trying to retrain me.  "It's not Adonoi, it's Adonai," he would say while pointing to his eye.  It worked.  I wouldn't be where I am without you.

Sherry Barnes










Famous quotes of Rabbi Rosenberg:
0. We take the Bible seriously, but not literally.
1. Do we have a minion?
2. Good Shabbos everyone!
3. Claudia, I read your letter in The Day.
4. Let's thank the people in the Kitchen for our meal.
5. My mother celebrated her ____ birthday.
6. I will be at Goldy's Wednesday.
7. Do you need a ride home?
8. The late John Kennedy and Dr. King were my heroes.
9. This delicious challah was made by Merrill Mazzella.

Claudia & Lester Shapiro
~Congregants & Friends










Rabbi, you don’t know me by name, and you might not even remember my face, but I am Patty and Seymour Hendel’s niece and have been attending your High Holiday services for approximately 20 years. Bringing in the Jewish New Year with you has been a highlight over the years. Your warmth exudes from the pulpit – I will miss you next year, but wish you all the best.

Susan Z. Rubins
~Patty & Seymour Hendel's Niece










One of my earliest and fondest memories with the Rabbi was having the honor of meeting him at Bradley Airport on this first visit to our Temple. He had a 2:00 PM meeting with Rabbi Knobel. We toured the New London/Waterford area, had lunch at “The Whaler” in New London and talked about the Temple and the community. He was so easy going and enjoyable to be with. What a great experience!!

Barbara Kallan
~Congregant & Friend


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Religious School Announcements

Thank you to Thea JohnsonAnne Kronisch, and Barbara Kallan for setting up and running the Religious School Book Fair.

Thank you also to those who purchased items and supported the Temple Emanu-El Religious School.