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Join ARZA and Help the Reform Movement in Israel

As you all know on March 17th Israelis voted on a new government for the state of Israel. Yet, there is another election that we can participate in that also affects the state of Israel. Here are the words of Israeli Reform leader Anat Hoffman:

Any person who is Jewish, over the age of 18 by June 2015, and a resident of the United States can vote.

Why is this election important? Money. Plain and simple. The World Zionist Organization distributes tens of millions of dollars annually to the various organizations in Israel whose slates are elected to the WZO Congress. The funds are distributed in proportion to the number of delegates elected. More Reform votes, more Reform delegates. More Reform delegates, more money to the Reform Movement in Israel. A large portion of the money allocated by the WZO to Reform Judaism in 2015 will go directly to fund new, progressive religious communities throughout Israel. Reform Rabbis will get the resources they need to introduce Israelis to a Judaism they can practice, believe in and be proud of.

If you support egalitarian prayer, if you believe in freedom of religion, the right of Reform rabbis to conduct marriage, divorce, burial and conversion, if you believe that women should have full religious and civil equality in Israel, here is your chance to make a difference. Vote for ARZA for World Zionist Congress by going online to Reform Jews 4Israel.org by April 15th. The $10 processing fee is a simple way to demonstrate our love for Israel.

For more information and to vote go to www.reformjews4israel.org