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  • There is no better time to donate food than during the High Holidays and the Holiday of Sukkot. The High Holiday liturgy reminds us that prayer, repentance, and tzedakah help shape our fate for the coming year. On Yom Kippur we read the prophetic words of Isaiah encouraging us to share our food with the hungry. And Sukkot is a harvest festival. What better way to thank God for our abundance than to share with the needy? Place your food contributions in the bin in the foyer to be donated to the New London Food Pantry. It will leave you with a good taste.

    It is also a mitzvah to make financial donations to Mazon, A Jewish Response to Hunger, PO Box 894765, Los Angeles, CA 90189-4765. Mazon distributes the funds nationally and internationally as well as returning some for local useful projects