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Shabbat & Holiday Services

Shabbat is always a special time at Temple Emanu-El.  Each Shabbat we join together in our sanctuary and invite Shabbat in with family and friends.  We welcome the old, the new, and all those in between to join us and celebrate Shabbat in a meaningful way.  On the first Friday of each month a Tot Shabbat service is followed by a Multigenerational Shabbat service.

Holiday services and festival observances unite the entire congregation. Beginning the year with a Break-the-Fast after Yom Kippur, we frequently dine together before Shabbat services and festival celebrations. Decorating the Sukkah is a family event, and on the Shabbat during Chanukah we light our family Chanukiot together in the sanctuary. More than one hundred members attend the congregational Seder at Passover. Our Jewish year revolves around communal prayer and participation as we join to celebrate the sacred.

Please consult the website calendar or upcoming events spot on the home page for up-to-date times and scheldules.